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Bring your car down to RWS for your annual MOT test and our mechanics can make sure your safe on the roads for the year to come.  If we find issues or advisories on your vehicle we can make the repairs and retest for free.

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With our RWS Recovery Vehicle we can rescue your broken down car and transport it to your desired location.  We can bring it back to our garage in order to carry out repairs or back to your home.

Charges vary on local to national transport.

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We can service cars and vans at our garage to keep your engine running smoothly. Don't let your service history slip, keep your filters clean and your oil fresh with RWS.

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Whatever your needs, give us a call and lets talk about how RWS can help you drive with confidence in your vehicle.

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When your car starts making a strange noise, when things aren't working like they used to or is your car just suffering from wear and tear? Bring it by RWS for us to diagnose the issue, make the repair and get you back on the road with confidence.